Jams and Preserves

Made with our own farm grown produce or sourced as locally as possible to bring you the freshest tasting jams and preserves. 
We grow our own garlic for our garlic jelly range, rhubarb and many of the vegetables found in our chutney and relishes. 
We often create very small runs of special preserves to use up a gluts or gifts of local fruits so look out for some very unusual combinations!

Free Range Eggs

We run a small flock of mixed heritage chickens within the orchard.
They add much need phosphorous to our depleted solis and act as great bug controllers.
We value the diversity of size, colours and habits of our flock who get to lead a long and productive life
Our girls come from diverse background and include leghorns, australopes, araucanas, and many crosses of sussex and rhode island reds.
We sell small numbers of mixed coloured eggs and use them in our lovely curds.

Red & Black Logan Berries

Leaves like a raspberry, fruit-appearance of a blackberry, and a flavour that is a marriage of the two. 
Plant is incredibly trailing; its strong canes will grow vine-like along the ground.
Fruit ripens inconsistently (some ripe fruit and unripe fruit on the bush at once). 
Ripeness is determined by deep red-purple colour; fruit does not pull away from core even when ripe.


Has dusty, purple-coloured fruit, about 3 cm long and from 2 to 3 cm in width.
The growing habit is that of a trailing vine.
On a well established bush, the vines measure up to seven meters.


Australian bred fine-tasting, semi-erect thornless blackberry.


Thorny trailing cultivar with large glossy red/black fruit resembling wild blackberry from early December to mid January.
Silvanberries were developed in Australia for their large berries and purple black colour with a medium to fine texture.

Raspberries - Primocanes

Primocane varieties that fruit on new canes in the autumn. 
Heritage was the first red raspberry bred to ripen in autumn with quality and firmness good enough for shipping and wholesale markets and sufficient yields to be commercially viable.
Because of these characteristics, Heritage has extended the season for consumers and raspberry growers and paved the way for the year-round fresh raspberry market.
Heritage is resistant or tolerant to most, if not all, major raspberry diseases and has been used as a parent in the breeding of at least five other commercial cultivars.

Raspberries - Floricanes

Floricane varieties fruits on canes from the previous summer that have been chilled over winter.
Lloyd George very old variety with a beautiful flavour, eat very fresh or freeze for fantastic jam.


Five Ducks Farm has a small orchard containing various citrus trees and stone fruits allow for apricot, plum and mulberry jam as well as apple jellies. 
Newly planted varieties of plums, figs, pears and heritage rare apples will add to the creative inputs for years to come.
Berries are not only super tasty, they're very nutritious.